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AFMS helps universities reinforce their relationship with alumni by working to develop the strongest possible benefits program.

Affinity Financial Management Services, LLC (AFMS) works with collegiate partners to establish financial-services programs that maximize critical royalty income and outstanding product features that meet the needs of a range of alumni and other constituents, and require minimal resources.

AFMS Senior Partner Donald Finch and the rest of the team have worked with more alumni associations over the past few years than the combined total of the rest of the consultants who serve this market.  Why? 

  • We maximize the revenue to the partner while at the same time ensuring an attractive product for their alumni.
  • We create value for our partners and reduce the time they must spend on their programs.
  • We do it for fees that are typically well below those of our competitors.
  • We help our partners complete a comprehensive due-diligence process that ensures they evaluate all their alternatives and can justify their selection of a program provider.
  • We understand the complexities of the affinity financial-services business and provide our clients with a level of expertise and counsel that is unmatched in the industry.  This enables our clients to focus their time and resources on serving their alumni.
  • Our Philadelphia office is located within 30 minutes of most of the financial-services providers that serve this market, enabling us to meet on a regular basis and stay abreast of recent product enhancements, strategies, and developments.  We have worked side-by-side with the decision-makers and understand the factors impacting their business decisions, enabling us to ask the right questions at the right time.

AFMS helps our collegiate clients find the financial-services program that best fits their needs and those of their alumni.

Increased regulatory scrutiny, economic challenges, and deteriorating financial results have led financial-services providers to rethink their business models, passing the pain along to alumni associations and other non-profit organizations by reducing royalties, making fewer products available, minimizing marketing, or eliminating product benefits, and in many cases, getting out of the business altogether. AFMS is helping our clients navigate this changing environment.  While we can’t – and won’t – promise that you will recapture lost revenue as a result of our efforts, we can promise to work diligently to get you the best possible relationship for your organization…and for your alumni.  Our goal is to obtain a program that you will be proud to offer while maximizing royalties.

We offer two basic services:

  • Helping our partners select financial-services providers and negotiate affinity contracts for credit cards, insurance services, deposit and debit-card products, and a range of other affinity programs.  This includes creating RFPs and evaluating partner responses while leveraging our decades of experience in this complicated business to get our clients the best possible result.
  • The ongoing management of affinity programs:
    • Maximization of account acquisition and royalty growth.
    • Identification, evaluation, and implementation of new income-generating products.
    • Development and negotiation of sponsorship opportunities.
    • Working with your issuer to develop the right product mix, marketing strategy, and reward structure that results in a program that exceeds everyone’s expectations.

If you’d like to learn how AFMS can help you find the right financial-services partner for your alumni or to improve your current program, we’re here. 

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