Consulting Services

We advise clients in two primary areas:

  • Partner Selection:  We conduct an in-depth review of your current program to identify strengths and target areas of potential improvement.  We then manage the RFP process, including creation and distribution of the proposal (including a clear outlining of your situation and program objectives), analysis of results, interviews with prospective partners, and final recommendations.  Finally we work closely with you during the contract-negotiation process to offer our perspective on key contract points and advice on ways to protect your interests.
  •  Ongoing Program Management and Evaluation:  We offer a range of services to maximize program revenue and reduce the time you need to spend on managing your program.  These services include:
    • Drive account acquisition to ensure the greatest amount of royalties are earned.
    • Creation of actionable reports that enable you to assess progress toward program goals.
    • Identification of new products and services that will generate additional sources of revenue and reduce expenses.
    • Review and approval of marketing materials.
    • Analysis of new product offerings.
    • Strategy development and implementation.
    • Facilitation of meetings with affinity partners to ensure that the program is receiving appropriate levels of attention.

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